Who is SpaceUp EU?

The SpaceUp Europe crew (clockwise, from top-left: Alex, Remco, Eico, Marco, Angie, Joachim)


SpaceUp Europe is organised by a team of non-professionals, space enthusiasts, and thrill loving tweeps. They met during the first ESA Spacetweetup in Cologne and have become inseparable ever since..

Joachim Baptist

Jo is a jack of all trades and has a wide experience in global manufacturing companies. Currently he is a tactical purchaser in the TG&S area and also implements business related IT projects. His long standing passion for the greater good meant he loved Star Trek from early on. He fully believes humanity will surpass the current state of affairs and start a united federation of planets. He was lucky to be invited to the first European ESA/DLR SpaceTweetup and he greatly enjoyed going to several other SpaceTweetups. Giving back is his motto and so co-organising SpaceUpEU brings him a lot of joy.
Contact details:
email: JustBe74@mac.com
twitter: @JustBe74

Alex von Eckartsberg

Alex is a German Mechanical Engineer who also holds an M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering. For her aerospace studies she went to the U.S. and picked the University of Central Florida in Orlando for her education, because it was closest to Cape Canaveral! She was out there for every shuttle launch and watched in awe, witnessing her first night- launch, standing on the back of her pick-up truck in front of the VAB. After her return to Germany she has been employed as a research assistant in the department of flight systems an automatic control at the University of Darmstadt and is now working at Frankfurt Airport in their aeronautical research department, developing tools to predict the airport’s capacity and optimize its usage. She is also heavily involved in SESAR, the Single European Sky Research Programme, defining operational processes for the harmonization of the European Air Traffic Management.
Contact details:
email: alexvoneckartsberg@googlemail.com
twitter: @starlingLX

Marco Frissen

Marco works as an IT Specialist for an international telecommunications company. His motto is ‘you can always squeeze more work in 24 hours’, so apart from his daytime job, he is also working as a freelance author, podcaster and blogger. He also co-wrote two books, worked as a photographer, studied for math teacher and recently started developing iOS apps. He dreamed of space travel when he read the Tintin albums Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon in the late 70s. His interest in space and astronomy grew with each year, he built his own telescope in the early 90s and has been a member of the Planetary Society since then. In 2000 he was accredited to see STS-106 launch and has now been to a number of European SpaceTweetups.
Contact details:
email: frissenm@outlook.com
twitter: @mfrissen

Angeliki Kanellopoulou

Angie is a Greek qualified international business law attorney, specialized in Antitrust and M&As. Her long standing passion for science and space exploration has grown, during the past decade, into an active and very fulfilling hobby. Angie is a member of the Space Tweeps Society (http://www.spacetweepsociety.org/), a dedicated follower of ESA and NASA, and a grateful alumna of several SpaceTweetups in Europe.
Contact details:
email: akanel@hotmail.com
twitter: @akanel

Eico Neumann

Eico is an Engineer turned IT Manager, currently serving as a linking-pin between international corporate needs and local demands. His inborn curiosity for all things “tech” and rocketry was fully ignited when he saw his first launch live on site and in person. As an active member of the #SpaceTweep community, he was very lucky to be chosen for two NASA tweetups of which one has been the very last Space Shuttle launch. He got even more lucky, when DLR and ESA picked up the concept and he got invited to the first European SpaceTweetup. Striving to help gaining more visibility of Spaceflight and Exploration on his home continent, he takes great joy in helping bringing the SpaceUp movement to Europe.
Contact details:
email: eico@me.com
twitter: @travelholic

Remco Timmermans

Remco is an MSc in Business Studies and has a Mechanical Engineering Bachelors degree. He has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, is a ERP system and Leasing processes expert. In total he has 15 years of experience in IT system design and implementation, financing, business process reengineering, process outsourcing and management consulting. Recently he decided to turn his passions into businesses. He is the co-founder of arctic expedition and corporate training company Expedition Factory, and is co-owner of Future Matters, a sustainable tourism consulting and training firm. In addition, he work’s on public outreach for the space industry through social media and is a professional space blogger.
Contact details:
email: remco@winterhiking.nl
twitter: @timmermansr

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